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High Quality Survival Credit Card Pocket Knife Features

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High Quality Survival Credit Card Pocket Knife Features

Credit Card Pocket Knife: Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Credit Card Knife – Folding Hunting Pocket Knife – Credit Card Shape Survival Tools Knife/Cutter – Letter Opener Knife – Stainless Steel Blade | Black | PU Bag

Do you need something for consistently convey that couldn’t be effectively overlooking? Then you are the right place. And, if you have your wallet with you, we have something to gift you. Also, up until this point, our blade is working for all of us. As a result, it is gaining more reputation just during the time spent acclimating with putting the blade into the right frame. As well as, the joints have as of now fall to pieces. On the positive side, we are verifying Credit Card Pocket Knife for most inbuilt and usage.

In that case, not a misery in the wallet, absolutely and allegorically. The sharp edge appears to be thin. However, whatever is there more to it, it is the plastic that feels shabby. Also, particularly where the plastic joints have as of now isolated. If you are searching for a superior wallet cut before purchasing this

In that case, not a misery in the wallet, absolutely and allegorically. With this in mind, the sharp edge appears to be thin. However, whatever is there more to it, it is the plastic that feels shabby. Also, particularly where the plastic joints have as of now isolated. In that case, you are searching for a superior wallet cut. Another key point, you should check before purchasing this Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Credit Card Pocket Knife.

  1. Important to remember, this Tactical Folding Knife offers you tip top capacity. And, in addition, a nitty gritty styling that emerges pleasantly.
  2. On the positive side, it sits down belt cutter. And, glass breaker perfectly incorporated into the anodized aluminum handle. As a result, it can deal with an assortment of circumstances.
  3. You can likewise discover numerous different uses for the dark complete stainless steel cutting edge.
  4. The shot, 4.5″ strategic blade is a helpful size for conveying in your pocket. As well as, with options to carry in a satchel when in a hurry.
  5. The lightweight outline makes it easy to hold when you require it.
  6. The Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Credit Card Knife blade is anything but difficult to utilize. As a result, you can adjust required things right.

Moreover, it comes with the perplexing red-winged serpent work of art. As a result, this blade offers you an exceptional look. Furthermore, this you can appreciate for quite a while to come. We are offering.

  • Credit Card Pocket Knife
  • PU Bag
  • User Manual.



  • This Used Best and High-Quality Material
  • Metal Handle Blade
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Multi-Functional
  • Portable Lightweight
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Durable Sharper
  • Safe Stronger
  • Surgical Steel Blade
  • Waterproof Machine Washable.
credit card pocket knife

credit card pocket knife


MULTI TOOL AND PORTABLE: Truly, the best solution for Outdoor or Camping or Traveling tools. Hence, the Knife comes in Cheap Price, Slim Credit Card Shape, and Portable to Cary.

SHARPE AND SUPER SAFEMulti-Purpose Metal Handle Credit Card Pocket Knife Specifically this blade is made by Steel Very Sharp. Especially, the edge is safe when to keep in the wallet. Also, we are Providing PU Bag. As a result, safe When Open and safe when Close Knife From Card.

METAL HANDLE: In general, most of the Credit Card Pocket Knifes Handle are off by plastic. And, can break after overusing. However, we are offering Metal Handle. And, this Blade is made of Stainless Steel.

ULTRA THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Thickness of just 0.84 mm and 9 cm Long and the Weight is 0.92 ounces.




COLOR: Black WEIGHT 0.92 ounces.

COMPONENT: Metal Handle Stainless Steel.

AS A GIFT ITEM:  Surely, you can use this Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Credit Card Pocket Knife in many roles.

For example, as in Birthday, Party, Celebration, or Christmas present. Also, in camping.


  • Open air
  • Survival
  • Outdoors
  • Climbing
  • Voyaging.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Of course, we have most dedicated concern who cares about you. And, they are waiting to give the best customer service. And, thus, Your satisfaction is our success.

  • Cutting edge cover has a worked in blade sharpener.
  • Honing sleeve ensures the blade and edge with each utilization.
  • Hand washing with warm water and a mellow cleanser; flush and dry quickly.
  • The one of a kind outline of the Edge keeper sheath. Also, it has a working in the blade .sharpener. Furthermore, this makes a sharp cutting edge. As a result, each time the blade is embedding or evacuating in any job it heals itself. The sheath likewise keeps the blade ensured while it is on.
  • It is a perfect device for a wide range of sorts of nourishment arrangement. As well as, an ergonomically composed handle guarantees. As much as, that this is a Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Credit Card Pocket Knife. Given that, it can cut with self-honing sheath is sufficient. Of course, agreeable to use for setting anything up from light snacks to that enormous Thanksgiving feast.
  • Collapsing Knife drives the route in the safeguard cut line. Moreover, this strong blade highlights a 3.5-inch stainless steel. As well as, cutting edge completed in the matte dark with spring helped open and simple open thumb stud. The handle is dark Stainless Steel with a finished outline for a strong hold. Additionally, it also includes a safety belt cutter, glass breaker, liner bolt sharp edge and helpful belt cut.



Thickness KPMCCN-CF010
Thing Weight 0.6 ounces
Item Dimensions 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.1 inches
Estimate Pocket Size
Shading All Color Available
Material Stainless Steel, Metal
Shape Square
Thickness 0.84 millimeters
Handle Material Metal
Sharp Edge Length 6.5 centimeters
Batteries Included No
Customer Review 4.4 out of 5.00

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  • Has the blade a metal handle?
    You are correct.
  • How sharp the cutting edge?
    Of course, the edge is sharp.
  • Does it fit in any wallet?
    Definitely, it will fit any sorts of wallet.
  • Any cover or sack to keep the blade?
    Of course, with the blade, there has a put pack and a client manual.


Available from KP Inc.

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