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How to select best paracord bracelet For survival

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best paracord bracelet

How to select best paracord bracelet For survival

Best Paracord Bracelet: Over the years, adventurists have depended on simple, lightweight tools to survive and be safe. From knives and fire -proof tents, to quick dry fabric and footwear that grips the terrain, every survival tool changes into something even better as technology becomes more seamless, more high-tech and more efficient.


The parachute cord bracelet, also known as, “paracord bracelet” is a staple when in wilderness because of its flexibility, strength and versatility. So how do you choose the best paracord bracelet? Which criteria do you use? Which factors should you consider? Primarily, the bracelet you choose must be highly resourceful and versatile. Secondly,settle for a model that extensively opens up when fully disassembled. For instance, some models can open up to sixteen feet. Nonetheless, most of them normally open up to ten feet. The other important factor to consider is the wrist size. These are just some of the highlighters to guide you. Below, we’ll look at more.


While some people can make their own parachute survival bracelets, not everyone boasts the skills to do so. If you belong to the latter category, the only solution is to purchase one.

When in the market for the best paracord bracelet, consider the following factors:

#1: Length of the Cord

When you unravel most paracord bracelets, you’ll notice that they measure approximately eight feet. Others can be as long as twenty feet. If you intend to use yours for building a shelter or climbing, it needs to be longer. Choose a quality bracelet with a longer cord in its design. If you’ll ever require a fishing line, you’ll most certainly need a longer cord. You can remove your cords’ braided sheath to expose the finer yarn and use it for fishing. In terms of length, the longer your cord is, the better.

#2: Type of Cord

A good number of paracord bracelets are normally made from Type III parachute cord with a minimum breaking strength of around 550 pounds. The cord is not only of top quality but also it’s the standard type. Other bracelets are made of the 400 pounds type ll which is inferior to the type III one. To be on the safe side, make sure you purchase the type III cord because of its durability and superior strength.

Will you be using your paracord for climbing? If yes, then it’s prudent to buy one with the ability to hold more weight. While the type III cord might be costlier, you shouldn’t compromise on the strength. Always remember that your safety certainly depends on it.

#3: Usage

Primarily, what purpose will your unrivaled bracelet serve? This is one of the million -dollar questions you need to ask yourself prior to picking one. Do you expect heavy-duty usage? If yes, then you’ll certainly need to settle for a high quality and strong bracelet. It must do a lot than just look cool. Additionally, most if not survival bracelets feature other survival items such as compass, fire starters etc. Consequently, choose a bracelet with extra features to help you survive in the wilderness.

#4: Style

When it comes to style, you can choose from an array of options available. For instance, a range of clasp options, braid patterns, and colors exist. The rule of thumb is to not choose one simply because it looks cool but rather settle for a gear that will save your life while in the wilderness. Are you a female? If yes, you should find a pink bracelet that’s still suitable for survival purposes.

#5: Attached Clasp

When shopping for a paracord bracelet, you’ll notice that some clasps also serve as fire starters. Others feature a metal ring that acts as a striker and another part that’s made of a ferro rod. Choosing a bracelet with a multi –purpose clasp is incredibly helpful especially when you’re in the wilderness.

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Final Thoughts

Why would one need a best paracord bracelet while stepping out for hiking or camping? This is a common question to those who are clueless on what a paracord bracelet is. Well, it’s more than an ordinary piece of jewelry, it’s a survival equipment. The simplicity of the design shouldn’t fool you. Any prepper swears by the difference the bracelet makes in a life and death kind of situation. To land the best paracord bracelet, consider the above five tips.

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