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How to choose best credit card knife?

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How to choose best credit card knife?

Card knife: Credit card knives are advanced utility blades that feature almost the same shape as an ATM card but with a different purpose. The knife brings with it serviceable blades that need little maintenance. It’s perfect for slicing through hard-boiled eggs when camping in the woods. One of the most attractive attributes about this knife is the fact that you don’t need to break the bank to buy it.


A credit card knife has 3 multi-level folding system that automatically changes it to a more convenient utility tool. They are less bulky and slimmer in comparison to ordinary knives. Their set of stain-steel razors make sure that they last longer and remain sharp than usual.


Before looking at what criteria to use when choosing the best credit card knife, let’s first look at some of the amazing features of a credit card knife:


Ultra-thin – A credit card knife collapses to an ATM card’s dimension – approximately 2mm in terms of thinness. Its size is the same to that of a normal credit card but its width is 1/10th of an ordinary utility knife.

Easy and instant conversion – In just a few seconds, it’s possible to effortlessly transform your knife from a ‘credit ‘card’ to keep it inside the wallet and use it in different ways.

Protecting hand guard – This knife assists you to get a more proper and stronger grip while at the same time preventing its blade from gliding.

Waterproof and snap-open locking system – It’s more convenient and easier to open this knife compared to the regular penknives. Additionally, there aren’t metal pivots that rust.

In-built security sheath – This amazing feature is handy at preventing the taking place of accidents, which you can trigger by opening the blade, which you keep inside your pocket or bag. What is more is that the feature prevents the blade from becoming blunted over time.

Unique scalpel – The knife’s scalpel is tailored to fit effortlessly into the pocket. It boasts an appealing design that will certainly make the knife a center of attraction every time you dash it out from the pocket.


So why is a credit card knife a darling of many people? Here are some of the reasons:


  1. Lightweight – The weight of this knife is one of the major reasons that many people are into this kind of a knife compared to others. Typical pocketknives weigh roughly 150 grams. A credit card knife on the other hand weighs 10 times less, i.e. 13 grams.
  2. Razor sharp – Credit card knives feature a surgical blade that has a long cutting edge (65mm) to guarantee long lasting sharpness. In addition to blade being extra sharp, it’s made of high quality stainless steel that’s rust free.
  3. Extra-thin – Credit card knives are not only sharp and lightweight but also ultra-thin. These knives measure 2.2mm in terms of thickness. In fact, with that measurement, it’s true to say that the knife effortless qualifies as one of the thinnest knives available. This amazing feature makes the knife extremely portable.
  4. Safety – In terms of safety, this knife also beats the others hands down. It features a blade edge that has a protective sheath that’s great at preventing blunting and avoiding accidents. The knife also has a safety lock that restricts it opening while in storage. The safety lock is handy at avoiding injuries by making it childproof and tamper proof. Another notable thing to note is the fact that the knife cannot fold accidentally like with other types of pocket knives within the market today. The knife’s blade is perfectly locked in cutting mode that eliminates blade tremor and allows perfect precision cutting.
  5. Eco-Friendly – The knife’s lightness, flatness, and eco-friendly nature reduces storage, carbon footprint, and shipping costs. Credit card knives are made with a simple two-part construction process with an automated assembly that drastically saves manufacturing waste.
  6. Waterproof – Another impressive attribute about these knives is the fact that they’re waterproof. That means that there aren’t hinged parts that are susceptible to rust like with other typical folding knives. With this feature, it’s true to say that the knife is not only long lasting but safe for an array of operations.



Whether you’re purchasing the knife for cutting letters or for safety purpose, a credit card knife is the brand new ‘cool’ accessory for both women and men. Prior to making a purchase, you need to contemplate over a number of traits.

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The following are some of the many factors to consider when in the market for a credit card knife:


#1: Card Knife Handle Material


Tough plastic is a pocket friendly choice for a knife handle. However, with time, it has a tendency of winding up flimsier. Do you have the budget? If yes, then you can settle for a titanium coated stainless steel handle. Wooden handles look classy but tend to become slippery when greasy.


#2: Blade Material


Your credit card’s blade metal must be stainless steel or aluminum. You shouldn’t compromise with quality. If you have to shell out additional money, then do it. Are you placing your order online? If yes, then make sure that the blade metal is rustproof before doing so.


Other manufacturers of these kinds of knives utilize different types of steel. It’s prudent to opt for one that resists rust, is able to maintain their edge after use and which you can sharpen effortlessly. The main importance of steel strength and hardness is the fact that it helps in permanent deformation and stress on the blade. Of great importance to note is that just like with other products, you certainly get the blade’s quality that you pay for.


Are you looking for a credit card knife for heavy budget? If your budget allows it, it’s prudent to invest in a high quality blade even if it’s costly. It’s essential to consider your intentions for the knife and if your financial situation allows prior to picking the blade material.


You can categorize the blade material for credit card knife as the best, mid-range and economical.


#3: Safety-Lock


The lock mechanism of a knife is very important. Ensure that the lock is easy to shut and open. Because some credit card knives lack a protective sheath, with a smooth lock system, it’s possible to put them away from your children’s reach.


#4: Length


Folding knives come in various lengths. 2 inches might be the starting point. Others can stretch up to 6 inches. Depending on your requirement, choose a length that you’ll manage to handle without any stress. In case you’re into a basic design, 2 -3 inches blade length should do. Since you’ll be keeping it inside your purse or wallet, the slimmer the better.


#5: Maintenance


You can easily clean your credit card knife with hand-wash. However, first check out whether the your knife’s brand has implied a specific cleaning process on the site.


While the knife boasts many benefits and incredible features, knowing how to maintain it is of utmost importance. For instance, you need to wipe the blades regularly with clean cotton to get rid of accumulated debris. Doing that will go miles in preventing contamination. Secondly, you should not fold or bend the blades because it only weakens the texture and form. To avoid rust, you need to keep your knife in dry and cool places. The knife is specially designed to handle almost everything that is thrown in its way. It has a powerful stainless blade that offers unlimited slashing, prying, slicing, cutting, and hacking power.


You can keep your knife concealed and use it different places without raising any eyebrows. Nonetheless, prior to traveling with this knife to some regions, you must first understand a country’s laws and policies on daggers. That will prevent you from breaking the law.


Final Thoughts


With its set of benefits and incredible features, there’s no doubt that a credit card knife is an amazing tool. The protective rubber hand guard of the knife helps you to get a sturdy grip thus helping you avoid unnecessary slipping. The cleverly designed appliance is not only a potentially-life saving but also a valuable device that makes you at peace when you place it in a typical purse, toolbox, or wallet. Actually, buying this knife is one of the surefire ways of protecting yourself whenever you’re out in the wild. More customer reviews indicate that the knife is gaining popularity steadily as an important tool when it comes to emergency management. Since it works flawlessly and is lightweight, the knife is a must have as a survival life product for many outdoor activities.


What is for sure is the credit card knives are unquestionably handy resources. Are you searching for a small, everyday knife that you can have it with you while on the go and can assist you with an array of tasks in a pinch? Then it certainly doesn’t get better and affordable than these knives. That is for sure. When in the market for the best credit card knife, consider the above factors.

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