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Best Way to select survival credit card knife

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credit card knife survival

Best Way to select survival credit card knife

Survival Credit Card Knife : Are looking for a simple, everyday carry knife that can fit in anywhere so you can’t easily forget it? Need a knife to serve as a letter opener, to cut strings, to hunt, slice an apple, or handle your little daily cuttings? Planning on going camping anytime soon? Or do you need a small, portable knife to protect yourself from daily unforeseen circumstances? Whichever it is, you would find it all in this credit card folding knife. It is two steps away from a pocket knife and way more convenient.

When searching to purchase a pocket knife, the basic things people consider is the quality and price. With this knife, you get both quality and affordability. It is very handy, inexpensive, simple to use and very easy to carry. It can fit into your wallet or back pocket and would not be a pain in the ass, literally! This credit card knife is well appreciated by its users and has been given a general five-star rating.

card knife

card knife


The credit card knife has a lot of great features that makes it so convenient. They include:


The credit card knife is very portable and super easy to carry. It can fit into any wallet, pause or credit card holder, so chances are you are not likely to forget it. And if you don’t feel like carrying one, it can fit perfectly in your pocket. It remains flat, no bulges.

Easy to maintain

Its stainless steel blade makes it is incredibly easy to maintain. When you are done using it, you can wipe it down or wash without fear of it being affected.

Safe and sharp

The knife comes with a single blade that is thin but very sharp. Its’ sharpness, however, does not detract from the safety it provides. The credit card knife comes with a built-in protective sheath to protect the user. The sealed lock catch-and-safety mechanism also help to guard against accidental cutting so that you can slide it into your pocket without being scared that it might injure you or cut through your clothing.



This credit Knife can double as a fancy letter opener, a camping knife, a traveling tool or for simple tasks around the house. It is simple, yet efficient; perfect for everyday use as well as for the outdoors.

Super thin, lightweight and sleek

Our credit card knife is sleek, classy and extremely light. The black color of the knife makes it suitable for both male and female users. It also has the added benefit of blending with any color of your gear. It is solid and bold without being eye-catching so it doesn’t call unnecessary attention to the carrier. It comes with a PU bag that gives an air of sophistication.




Unlike many other knives with plastic handles, our knife is made with quality materials that ensure its durability and sustainability. Its’ metal handle guarantees that it will not break. The stainless steel blade is resistant to rust, stain, corrosion as well as chemical or mechanical damage.

Ease of use

It’s flat and lightweight feature makes it easy to handle and wield.



Very affordable

Sturdy and durable

Lightweight and extremely portable

Sleek and attractive

30-day Money-back Guarantee

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Its small size can make it quite easy to misplace.

The knife’s portability doesn’t exempt it from being discovered by a metal detector.



With its durable, safe, innovative, simple to use and easy to carry nature, this credit card knife is a huge recommendation for anyone. It is quality and affordability wrapped into one. It is multi-functional, lasts very long and would save you from extra costs in the long run.

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