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15 ways a survival bracelet & Military paracord bracelet can save your life.

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survival bracelet

15 ways a survival bracelet & Military paracord bracelet can save your life.

Survival Bracelet : The paracord is a type of nylon rope. The parachutes of the US Army used it all through the Second World War. Now paracord bracelet survival 500 LB become to the paramilitary world. This rope has become very trendy and interesting for its great resistance. It currently spread among athletes, mountaineers, walkers and all kinds of civilians. Today we want to present this excellent and functional Survival Bracelet. There are two types of survival bracelets Paracord survival bracelets and Military Outdoor Paracord Survival Bracelet. It uses not only to save a life but also to be prepared in any sort of situation.

Paracord bracelets and Military Outdoor Paracord Survival Bracelet materials made from the same material. It is extremely light and very comfortable to wear. The paracord bracelets are very attractive. Many people wear the bracelet as a piece of personalized jewelry. It is available in different sizes and colors and has many uses. Moreover, there are many reasons why people are turning to these bracelets. This bracelet is an important tool that can save your life. The basic concept is the paracord on your wrist. It serves to use in any type of situation that could find in an emergency moment. It is important to know its multiple uses the basic principles of first aid, as any emergency moment. In the following points, we described 15 different ways that a survival bracelet can save your life.

1. Survival Bracelet Providing a Shelter 

Survivals love the paracord bracelets because it offers multiple uses. It can save your life. For example, the cable to attach a tent or cut and tie branches of trees. It provides a protection next to the elements. When you go outside with pants and eventuality an effort fall can any cause. The waist of the pants to break or the belt to fray or something similar that. We can use the paracord to replace the belt, shoelaces, snare loop made with the finest inner threads or build a bow of fire.

2.Helps to make a Trap

Every now and then Survival gets great opportunity from friends and family to do a little fun together in the outdoors. For example camping, mountaineering, sport, hiking, adventure, fishing or outdoors. The paracord is very useful for those people who want to go camping, go hunting. It helps them who want to go fishing or any other outdoor activity.

3.Increase Confidence

 Military Outdoor Paracord Survival Bracelet provides the confidence to be a little calmer. For this, reason it cautious in the face of any unexpected state of affairs.


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4.Carry Heavy Objects

Paracord bracelets helps to hold certain loads, hold or sew straps, broken belts, with rescues in the water. For example, to create a temporary shelter, fix some object. Make an emergency tourniquet to stop bleeding or cover wounds, make traps, shelters, and escape, tie up. Join materials needed to build another tool or other utensil according to need or occasion.

5.Rescue From any trap

People have used wristbands to rescue people trapped in water, to save drowning victims, and even as a tourniquet. Soldiers in extreme situations have used them as a sling. Therefore, the cable can make sense of to secure supplies and keep them tightly sealed against marauding animals.

6.Save Someone

When you need help, this survival bracelet not only allows you to carry several feet of parachute rope. It is besides easy to use and comfortable for anyone in any situation. Paracord bracelets simply used as an accessory unnoticed until the time of your request. Survival can use as a medical bracelet with a steel tag. It inscribed with the owner’s name and medical condition stitched to the front of the material. Bracelets can be custom made to support certain causes and show loyalty to your school-group-team.

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7.Set Up a Trip Wire

Survival bracelets have many uses in case of an emergency. You get about 3.6 meters of paracord wire when you need to use it. If you have to use it just press the quick release on the end. Pull the knitted piece and disassemble in a matter of seconds. They can use to attach items to your vehicle if you need to get out in a hurry. Paracord users can use to secure a door or as a fishing line. They are strong a sufficient amount to use as a loop in hunting. In the event that someone is injured, a bone the wire can quickly used to hold a splint.

8.Keep Save dark at place

When survivals stay in dark places or at night they face different situation including reflective colors. It has become very fashionable in air soft stores, armories and survival. You can rest without fearing the place, on long roads. When it is getting dark, or raining where it is necessary to stop or rest before following your course. With this paracord bracelet, it is possible to manufacture a seat that protects us from the ground. It allows us to sleep, creating a kind of hammock, or temporary tent with the use of cloth.

9.Keeping Camp Secure

Survival bracelet is to unravel it from its entire interior. To get rid of until the finest part of yarn needed. Such as Serve to sew, fix a torn backpack, part of your clothes, hat or shoes. Create your own fishing line if you have broken down or forgotten. It can protect us from cover against humidity, insects, rain, and strong winds, among others. Without wasting, it can consume when you do not have the river to fish up close. You can even create fishing net and facilitate the operation several fish.

10.Making a Fire

This bracelet can easily disassemble. For any emergency condition, meters of paracord bracelet can reveal 3 to 5. It has a buckle that doubles to form a device that creates a spark with which you can make fire. The metal can use to cut its rope, among other materials. As it has a built-in whistle, to send a strong signal tone for emergencies to others.

11.Make your destination

In fact, it has a whistle that allows emitting an audible alert. That will help to locate us easily in case of losses.

12.Determine direction & sewing

That is to say, it will serve to repair, join or sew some break in fabrics and leather using the internal threads of the cord. These pins also serve as a magnetized needle, which functions as a compass to indicate the north.

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13.Emergency Supporting

Particularly in emergency moments, it will survive the ability to control fear. Simple resources can return you home, safe. Since it, can in safe hands us in any unexpected situation any excursion or outdoor activity. In that case, it supplies water, food, tools, and utensils such as cooking, camping, guidance and survival.

14.Instant solution

In case you did not plan to go, camping and you do not have a camping tent. Maybe you can have access to some kind of cloth, canvas or plastic. In addition, any of these materials can use to build a shelter with your paracord survival bracelet. It adapts easy to your space and way in any situation.

15.Helps to Stay Dry

Above all if it is likely that it will rain, you should avoid the places where the terrain tends to be flooded. If you expect strong winds look for a place in this time paracord bracelet observe you. Do not camp near old and unstable trees or plains. To build a shelter with your paracord survival bracelet you must tie one end of the rope to one of the trees. It should be at shoulder height.

Finally, you may be familiar with these survival bracelets. You may have it in mind to use for many important uses. At the same time as a decorative accessory. Everyone needs a survival bracelet like this on wrist right now. You never know what might happen. It is better to analyze the situation while organizing a strategic plan and establishing priorities.

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